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The Briefcase Backgammon Set


Strategies for Intermediate Backgammon Players

Strategies for Backgammon players are not easy to find, and strategies especially for intermediate players are even harder to find, but there are several strategies that we have dug up. There is the knock out strategy, the safe strategy and the block strategy which will give you the upperhand in Backgammon.


The Lure of Backgammon

Backgammon is in essence a competition between two players with each player aiming to bring his own men or checkers into the home board and bear them off before the other player does. It takes great skill and strategy such as the ability to block and hit the opponent's checkers in order to stump them and set them back in the game. With luck and skill, the game is truly an enticing board game for both beginners and enthusiasts alike.


Essential Backgammon Tactics: Priming and Slotting

Slotting, priming, and making points are essential backgammon tactics. These can be used either for defense or for offense in backgammon. Every player should learn them in order to advance in this game.


A Backgammon Overview

One of the oldest yet still most popular board games ever created is backgammon. The early days of backgammon has made it evolve into more than just a game for royalties. Nowadays, you can even expect students to play backgammon wherever they may be. Some have also considered the game as a hobby. With this in mind, it is not difficult to understand how backgammon can possibly find so many venues where it can be played. There are so many things that people say about backgammon that hearing all of it makes it easy to understand how it was able to withstand the test of time and that of newly created games.

Nowadays, backgammon has evolved from being just the board game with all of the necessary pieces. There are also online sites nowadays which offer the game and everything about backgammon. Some of the websites can be accessed for free, while some offer the game for a membership fee. In addition, different software games have also been developed to cater to the needs of players raring to find a backgammon game. Aside from the game itself, this software also offers important information about backgammon. Usually, these backgammon games that can be installed are often attached in the games applications of any Windows platform. As this is so, everything about the backgammon game automatically becomes embedded with the computer system.

Before anybody can attempt to play the game, it is important that you learn all the basics about backgammon first. Although the rules itself are pretty much easy to grasp, it really helps if you update all the things you may heard about backgammon. Some professional players often advise a combination of actually experiencing how to play the game with reading up on it. This is actually the best method of learning all you want about backgammon. Initially, the game can only be played by two players at a time. Then each player will be assigned with a separate home base found also on the backgammon board. Aside from a home base or home board, each player is also entitled to their own outer board with fifteen pieces to complete the fašade of the game.

The backgammon game is pretty much like playing chess or checkers. However, in this particular game the main purpose of each player is to bear off their opponent. There are twenty four points in all which are placed on the backgammon board and each player must try their very best to outdo each other in terms of moving their pieces onto their designated home area while bearing the opponent off.