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Strategies for Intermediate Backgammon Players

Strategies for Backgammon players are not easy to find, and strategies especially for intermediate players are even harder to find, but there are several strategies that we have dug up. There is the knock out strategy, the safe strategy and the block strategy which will give you the upperhand in Backgammon.


The Lure of Backgammon

Backgammon is in essence a competition between two players with each player aiming to bring his own men or checkers into the home board and bear them off before the other player does. It takes great skill and strategy such as the ability to block and hit the opponent's checkers in order to stump them and set them back in the game. With luck and skill, the game is truly an enticing board game for both beginners and enthusiasts alike.


Essential Backgammon Tactics: Priming and Slotting

Slotting, priming, and making points are essential backgammon tactics. These can be used either for defense or for offense in backgammon. Every player should learn them in order to advance in this game.


Strategies for Intermediate Backgammon Players

Backgammon has been favored and loved by players worldwide and seems to be the modern national game of the Middle East and Persians in particular. Who in the world can possibly deny that Backgammon is just a lot of fun to play and keeps you up and running until late in the night. It is an easy game for beginners and gets even more challenging for intermediate players. This is exactly why we have created this article; to give the best strategies for intermediate Backgammon players.

Before we start off, we have to clarify the terminologies of the Backgammon board. There are a total of 24 points and four sides. In this article you will imagine yourself having your base on your right side of the board. Enumerate the points on your side, starting with number 1 at the uppermost right point and with the number 12 at the last point of your side of the Backgammon board. 24 is the last point from your point of view on the opponent's base. Now that the formalities are done, we can get to the strategies.

The most important strategies for intermediate Backgammon players are the blocking strategies. These strategies are meant for intermediate players who try to keep the opponent's checkers from reaching the opponent's base and this is done by systematically placing double checkers on the points right in from of the opponent's checkers so that he cannot move anymore. This is preferably done in your own base once you have knocked a checker out of the board.

Another strategy of the intermediate Backgammon player strategies is to keep knocking out the opponent's checkers. This is done when there is an unguarded checker on any point and when your own checker jumps on it. The opponent's checker is being sent out of the Backgammon board and starts over at your base. This can be a good strategy, but you should watch for unguarded checkers in your own home base or else this will become more like a cat and mouse game rather than a strategy game.

The last of the intermediate strategies for Backgammon is the safe strategy. As the name already says it, you should try to play it as safe as possible by keeping all your checkers guarded and in groups. This will start looking like a Backgammon checkers mass migration, but before the other players knows it, your checkers are all home safely already and you will emerge as the sole winner.

These are the most important intermediate strategies for Backgammon players that you can choose from and with a tiny bit of luck and a great addition of skill, you will be the next Backgammon master.