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Strategies for Intermediate Backgammon Players

Strategies for Backgammon players are not easy to find, and strategies especially for intermediate players are even harder to find, but there are several strategies that we have dug up. There is the knock out strategy, the safe strategy and the block strategy which will give you the upperhand in Backgammon.


The Lure of Backgammon

Backgammon is in essence a competition between two players with each player aiming to bring his own men or checkers into the home board and bear them off before the other player does. It takes great skill and strategy such as the ability to block and hit the opponent's checkers in order to stump them and set them back in the game. With luck and skill, the game is truly an enticing board game for both beginners and enthusiasts alike.


Essential Backgammon Tactics: Priming and Slotting

Slotting, priming, and making points are essential backgammon tactics. These can be used either for defense or for offense in backgammon. Every player should learn them in order to advance in this game.


Teaching Backgammon; A Teachers Guide

Backgammon is probably one of the easiest board games around which is why it is assumed that teaching backgammon to someone else is always easy but that is not always the case. Teaching and knowing are two completely different things and one of these two needs communication skills and teaching skills while the other one doesn't. If you are planning to teach backgammon to your children, friends of family or if you are planning to coach a prodigy, then you are on the right article. We are going to give you some tips and tricks on how to be effectively teaching backgammon to others.

The first thing you need to do is teach the history of backgammon so that your student understands where it came from and why we are playing it the way we are playing it. Teaching backgammon should be like any other school subject, the history comes first then you can move forward to the individual parts. Your student needs to know the individual names of the parts such as the checkers, the board, and the points and so on. Once you have been successful at teaching backgammon basics, you can go into the actual game play.

While teaching backgammon game play it is best to demonstrate the rules and apply them right away. First you have to tell your students the goal of the game, and once they have understood the goal you can go into teaching backgammon game play and strategies such as how to use a blitz strategy of back game. Once they have mastered the basics of Backgammon, you can start teaching backgammon in a more intermediate level.

The most important thing in the intermediate level is that you practice a lot with your students or even let your students practice with each other. They need to get to know better strategies from experience as well as from the book and playing against each other will make your students more innovative when it comes to blocking one's opponent or kicking the checker out of the game.

The last part of teaching backgammon has to include a briefing, analysis and debriefing. You need to find your student's strengths and weaknesses in order for them to progress into more advanced and professional players. Start the habit of briefing before a game or tournament and let your students analyze movements or mistakes of playing students. The debriefing is used to be teaching backgammon mistakes that were made and it's also useful for avoiding future mistakes.

You see that teaching backgammon is not as easy as you thought it would be and it also takes a little more time and dedication towards the game itself. The same can be said about winning at online casinos. In fact all online gambling , be it poker, bingo, sports betting requires a healthy dose of luck as well as a good strategy if one is to be successful. Becoming a good backgammon player requires practice and luck. The same can be said about winning at online casinos. In fact all Online gambling, be it poker, bingo, sports betting requires a healthy dose of luck as well as a good strategy if one is to be successful.